We are happy to suggest some itineraries for discovering our part of the world:

San Giminiano


Siena and San Gimignano, two treasure troves of historical, artistic, religious and cultural wonders just waiting to be discovered while strolling along narrow streets and admiring hidden corners and the spectacular views over the environs.

Siena, a journey back in time among the architectonic wonders of the  Piazza del Campo, il Palazzo Comunale,  the majestic basilica of San Domenico and the Cathedral. A wealth of artistic treasures by such famous artists as Ducco di Boninsegna, Simone Martini, Nicola Pisano and Donatello. You will also learn about the history of the great noble families of Siena like the Piccolominis,  Tolomeis and the Salimbenis as well as the famous traditional Palio race.

San Gimignano, known as the “city of the hundred towers” for the many splendid towers which were the symbol of wealth and power, had seventy-two towers up to the 13th century and of these fourteen can still be admired today.

San Gimignano’s artistic and cultural treasures are interwoven with the secrets of the local cuisine in a pot-pourri or aromas and flavours, and lead you to discover the antique traditions which  spring from Tuscany’s only white  D.O.G.C. wine, the famous Vernaccia which you can taste in one of the most famous wineries in the area.

Paesi del Chianti


An exciting day in the heart of the Chianti region, discovering charming little towns and fortified citadels.

Castellina in Chianti, Gaiole and Monteriggioni are three gems in a wonderful setting of ruby red just waiting to be discovered with our brilliant  tour leaders.

The splendid vistas of the rolling hills which have been the cradle of the Chianti’s precious vineyards for centuries, are a harmonious picture which can only be found in this region.

The typical perfumes of the precious nectar which is a blend of  Sangiovese, Canaiolo Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, inebriates and lights us the soul while the expert who accompanies you will explain the history of the cellars and the ancient secrets of winemaking.