Unique Experiences
Esperienze Uniche in Toscana

Tuscany is a region Dream, here’s some experience that you can think of to try while staying in Borgo San Felice.

Palio di Siena

Touring Siena’s Contrade

The Palio, Siena’s festivity par excellence, is the highest expression of the culture, art, history and folklore of the people of Siena.

Famous the world over, this event is held on the 2nd of July and the 16th of August each year to mark the celebrations for the Madonna Provenzano and the Madonna of the Assumption.

The Contrade, or city districts, are the beating heart of the event and like a large family each Contrada likes to share its lifestyle all year round, establishing a hierarchy  which governs  and administers the Contrada while  conserving and projecting its own unique style and atmosphere.

The people who live in the 17 Contrade are the protagonists of the Palio and  jealously guard the secrets of its history.  Each Contrada has its own church and a museum with the various prizes won down the years.

Our expert tour guides will accompany you and help you discover this intimate and unique world.

Volo in MOngolfiera in Toscana

Tours In Hot Air Balloons

Don’t miss this unique and unforgettable experience: catch the sun rise at dawn, as the sky brightens and the earth’s amazing and brilliant colours appear…..all from the air.

Carried along by the winds on routes which can make you discover the Siena countryside and the stunning city of Siena from a unique perspective.

History would have it that the first hot air balloon to carry people was launched in Paris on 19th October 1783.  Hot air was used to keep the balloon up and it was built in  Annonay by Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfie.

Experience the excitement of taking to the air in the expert hands of a professional pilot who will be with you from take-off to landing.

Vieni a Guidare un Auto d'epoca a Siena in Toscana

Vintage Cars

The allure of another era, a time when everything went at a slower pace.

Driving through the charming little hill towns of Tuscany in a Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Maserati, Ferrari, Lancia, Porsche, Bentley or Jaguar is the perfect  way to live suspended between a dream world and reality.

An unforgettable experience for those who, even if just for one day, want to “take a step back in time”.