Treatments and Products
Centro Benessere a Borgo San Felice

Treatments are based on the “Tuscany Pleasure” concept, that takes complete advantage of the characteristics typical of the surrounding territory to create beauty and body treatment products and cosmetics derived from natural products such as olive oil and wine.

Wellness and beauty treatments available:

  • Personalized body and beauty treatments to cater personal needs, based on the advice and guidance of our professional team;
  • Wine-therapy in one of the latest additions to natural cosmetics. Wine-therapy rediscovers ancient knowledge on the benefits of grapes such as their extraordinary purifying, anti-oxidant and smoothing properties cause by the high content of polyphenols contained in the seeds;
  • Bathing in the essences obtained from wine musts, rich in polyphenols, followed by and olive oil based massage will result in a surprising sense of regeneration;
  • Multi-sensory emotional journeys”, are achieved through the harmonious and simultaneous stimulation of all senses starting with the sense of smell;

Wellness path available:

  • The “humid area” with bio-saunas (recognized for the beneficial effects on microcirculation and for skin purification) and the salt covered walls (where medicinal salts cover walls and ceiling, unleashing it’s beneficial power through air diffusion systems).
  • The Kneipp path (a path that alternates hot and cold water pools which offers a proven and valuable effect by stimulating micro-circulation)
  • Hot sand sun beds (the hot sand grains execute constant micro-massage on the whole body, soothing aches and pains, resulting in wonderful and unique sense of wellbeing).

The cosmetic products used are mostly obtained from on olive oil and wine, rich in natural active elements with proven efficacy through studies and tests carried out in laboratories.

Their cosmetic properties (antioxidant, exfoliating, decongestant and soothing ) result from skillful use of science and nature by combining top quality raw materials to the latest cosmetic breakthroughs.
Olive oil has a protective, antioxidant, moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin.
Grapes have revitalizing, moisturizing, soothing properties and are rich in powerful antioxidant elements currently, considered among the most promising and interesting ones in natural cosmetics.

All of this ensures to quality beauty and body treatments and cosmetics.